SGV Games



I've worked with Director in the past but not recently. For now you can go see one shockwave game currently on my personal site (source code is also available), Shockwave War.


I have been working with Actionscript for years. I spent several years working on Flash games for the web and Facebook, and for the past 3 1/2 years I've been doing game UI programming with Scaleform, which allows you to build the UI in Flash and run it inside a game. For samples of my Scaleform UI work see my UI Portfolio.

Samples with Source Code:

Pong (2009)

A quick Pong game I threw together in 3 hours in AS3 for a programming test. I was so happy with the results I decided to post it here with source code.

Piano Simon (2010)

Here's another game I did for a programming test, a music-based variation on Simon using the piano keyboard and the C scale. This one's build as an Actionscript project for the Flex Builder/Flash Builder.

Other Games I Worked On:

Karma Kingdom

AS3 (using Flash Develop) and PHP work on Facebook game. Also built all request and wall post handling code using the Facebook API. The company is no longer in business and the game no longer works, but the Facebook Page is still up.

Repomen Cometh

Programming on Flash game for the movie "Repo Men" - Made extensions and fixes to basic existing fighting/side scrolling engine. The game seems to have been taken down.

National Geographic Dogtown

Programming on downloadable game and Flash demo for "National Geographic DogTown" - Brought in to handle bug fixes and get the downloadable game (built in AS2 with Zinc) to a shippable state. Also created demo version from existing game.

Mevo and the Grooveriders

Programming on Flash demo of the music platformer game "Mevo and the Grooveriders" - Built audio engine, level loading, layout and design, gameplay, asset loading and management, etc. I can't seem to find a copy of the game demo online anymore.


Worked on the virtual world sites for Ty Girlz and Beanie Babies (the sites no longer seem to be available). Debugged Actionscript 3.0 and 2.0 code on sites and associated games. Rebuilt Vine Swing game from an early version of the source code.

Techdeck Games

Debugging games for their site.

Hallmark/Rainbow Brite

Re-skinning a Flash game for a cd-rom for them.

Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Online Adventures Bonus DVD-ROM

I did some contract work on the Bonus DVD-ROM included with this game. The bonus content was built in Flash but run as an executable.


I created a couple of simple Actionscript games to demo Bratz Rockin' Recess games. The demos were used in stores but unfortunately never made it onto the web or I would link to them here. I don't know if I can post them here but I can show them to people on request.

Free Ranger

A chicken maze game meant to show how free range chickens live a better life than factory farmed ones. This was done for an Intermediate game design class at USC. The game was written with 2 other students, one of which had written the initial code. We greatly expanded the game and fixed it, and I added features like doors and keys, and throwing objects.

Animal Watch

A game to teach middle school math while learning about endangered species. I worked on both the Actionscript programming and the back-end Java to interface with the MySQL database. The professor in charge has since moved to Arizona and the game has probably been changed a lot since I worked on it.

Wayang Outpost

A game to teach high school math. I worked on both the Actionscript code and the back-end java to interface with the MySQL database. The same situation as with Animal Watch: the professor in charge has since moved to Arizona and the game has probably been changed a lot since I worked on it.