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UI Portfolio

UI Portfolio

Many of the games I've worked on were for other people and can't be posted here, but here are some Youtube videos of what I've done.

Medal of Honor Warfighter

I worked on many areas of the UI. Most of the menus were for multiplayer but I also worked on the single player menus. The work was done in Scaleform with Actionscript 2. You can see some of what I worked on here:

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel

I worked on many parts of this UI, also using Scaleform (but with Actionscript 3). Here are two areas I did the most on:

Credits: I worked on both the Scaleform front end and the C++ back end to send the credits data to the Flash movie.:

Main Menu Ticker: I worked on the ticker that runs along the bottom of the screen. As with the credits, I worked on both the Actionscript/Scaleform and on the C++ backend that sends it the data:


I worked on Landmark for over a year, so I probably touched most of the UI during my time there. Work was done in Scaeform (Actionscript 3), Lua, XML, and some C++. Here is an overview of the UI from the alpha:

Finding videos of individual parts I worked on is difficult, but here are a few parts I did a lot of work on:
  • PVP Combat UI - I spent a lot of time on this and spent a lot of time on the game settings window, which is set up to be flexible and get all the settings from the data,
  • Contact List
  • Teleport UI - worked on a major redesign of the UI and had a chance to dig into the C++ code to set up a simple datasource and make other necessary changes
  • Notifications UI
  • Achievements UI - built the initial version
  • and much more...

The Bioshock Collection

I worked at Blind Squirrel on updating these games for the XBox One and PS4