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Welcome to the Battle For The Planets website. This multiplayer wireless game for the Nintendo DS follows in the tradition of games like Masters of Orion and Civilization, while the gameplay is very similar to Battleship. The players send ships out to explore space and can then send ships out to colonize planets or conquer an opponent's planets.

The game is written by Sharan Volin. For more game information see my SGV Games page.

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The Game:

Update: (5/8/2006, 12:30pm) It's done! (Yay!) The "bug" finally turned out to be a setting in the emulator (see the post mortem page for more details on how much trouble these emulators are). So I've uploaded source code and the executable on the Downloads page, video on the videos page (Camtasia studio's demo expired so I used to video capture built in to Dualis, which output an AVI file, but it should be fine), and more screenshots on the Screenshots page.

V2 (5/8/2006): The "final" (for this class anyway) version is just about done. I have one last bug to fix (it's probably something simple and stupid, but it's causing a lot of trouble right now so I don't want to upload everything until that is fixed), which I'm hoping to have done in time but unfortunately I can't guarantee it since I've been up all night so my debugging skills aren't at their best right now. I will have to done by the end of the day, and once I do I'll be posting videos, source code, the executable, and more screenshots. New features include:

  • New, pretty graphics! (Thanks to my roommate, Justin, for helping by creating most of those for me
  • Cool new audio! (I would have done even more with that but PALib is severely lacking in terms of audio)
  • New Splash and Main Menu screens!
  • Now see your and the opponent's scores on screen
  • Added slight delay before opponent's turn for more realism
  • Organized the code to add Game Engine and Audio Engine classes

V1 (4/7/2006): I now have a simple but completely playable game. Sprites and backgrounds will be added later since I decided to focus on the core gameplay. Features include:

  • Ported over to use the palib library, which will make sprites much easier to add
  • Play in turns against simple AI enemy
  • Can now win or lose the game
  • Opening setup state allows you to place your own ships
  • Now uses both screens in game state to display your space and the enemy's space

P.S. any similarity to Battle OF the Planets is purely because I happen to love the show. This is only a working title anyway and the gameplay itself has nothing to do with the show! Any names used now are probably going to be changed before this comes anywhere near to a release of any kind.