SGV Games


Spider Solitaire

This was a game I started working on while going to UCLA Extension several years ago. For more details click here.

National Geographic Dogtown

Programming on downloadable game and Flash demo for "National Geographic DogTown" - Brought in to handle bug fixes and get the downloadable game (built in AS2 with Zinc) to a shippable state. Also created demo version from existing game.

Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Online Adventures Bonus DVD-ROM

I did some contract work on the Bonus DVD-ROM included with this game. The bonus content was built in Flash but run as an executable.

Shrek the Third

I worked as a contractor on the PC version of this game. I took the XBox 360 sound engine (using FMOD) and ported it to the PC. I also worked on menus, save game, and other bug fixes. I primarily worked in C++ but did some fixes in the LUA script used for menus and other parts of the game.


I worked as the audio programmer on this game, for my Serious Games Development class at USC.. This was my first attempt to build an audio engine from scratch using FMOD. The game was built in Ogre, and I integrated both the FMOD EventSystem and the new FMOD MusicSystem, so I could make use of the FMOD Designer and the new Interactive Music functionality. To download the full source code for the audio engine only, click here.

Match 3

This was a simple Match 3 game I created for my Computer Graphics class using OpenGL/GLUT. You can download the full source code here.