SGV Games


XBox 360

Although I primarily worked on the PC version of the game Shrek the Third, we worked in close proximity with the XBox 360 team on the same codebase, and helped them out ocassionally. I also worked on a game for a class using the Torque Game Engine Advanced which was meant to work on the XBox 360, but we never got far enough to put it on the machine (it did use the XBox 360 controller under Windows).

I also did some work with XACT and XNA Game Studio Express in a Sound Design for Games class taught by Scott Selfon of Microsoft at USC.

Playstation 3

In Spring 2008 I took a Game Hardware Architectures class where we learned to program for the PS3/Cell processor using Yellow Dog Linux. We focused on parallel programming on the SPUs taking existing code and modifying it to run on the SPUs and use vectors to speed up processing.

Nintendo DS

I also designed and programmed a homebrew Nintendo DS game while taking a Mobile Game Programming class at USC. The website for the game is here. The version on the site does not work on the DS hardware but does work under the Dualis emulator.